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About Us

About Us

The Office of Student Media is home to the award-winning student newspaper, The Southern Digest, in addition to EGO Magazine and the Jaguar Yearbook.

Student publications and electronic media are valuable aids in establishing and maintaining an atmosphere of free and responsible discussion and in providing an environment that fosters intellectual exploration on campus. Southern University students shall be given the opportunity to publicize activities and events relevant to the university community through the official campus student newspaper, student magazine, student yearbook, and the SD60 multimedia platform.

In their roles as student journalists, students are ensured the maximum freedom of expression. However, the policy is clearly communicated that these publications and electronic platforms serve as forums for student expression and as laboratories for training. However, students are expected to abide by the commonly accepted legal and ethical standards of responsible journalism, especially as it relates to nudity, obscene language, statements or comments that can be deemed libelous and/or disruptive of the educational process. Student publications and other media shall be governed by the canons of responsible journalism.


Jermaine Proshee, M.A.

Director of Student Media



SafeGuard Southern

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Birthed by the Division of Student Affairs, "Safeguard Southern" is an initiative created to encourage campus safety in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to educate students and encourage them to follow health/safety protocols. Running Time (12:55)