Still Tipping: Jags decimate TSU in four quarter rout

Freshman, tight end Ethan Howard streamrolls Tiger defensive back, Matthew Williams during the Jaguars inner conference matchup against Texas Southern on Saturday, March 20 at BBVA Compass Stadium. (ISSAC ARMSTRONG/DIGEST)

On Saturday night, the Jags traveled down to Houston for a SWAC showdown against the Texas Southern Tigers. Coming into the game Southern was fresh off a bye week and looking to get back into the win column. Texas Southern was also coming off a loss in their last game at the hands of Prairie View A&M.

In the first half, the Jags offense came out with a bang as they secured a touchdown on their very first drive. Redshirt Senior Ladarius Skelton and the Jaguar’s offense would not be denied as they marched down the field. Taking their cue from the offense, the defense then went on to secure a safety score on the very next drive due to a bad punt from Texas Southern. The Tigers then went on to return fire via a 3-yard rush and made the game 7-9.

In the second quarter, Southern’s offense was once again able to put points up on the board through the air. Redshirt Junior John Lampley was the passer this time as he threw a 22-yard pass to sophomore running back Jarod Sims. Texas Southern then responded with just over two minutes to go in the second with a passing touchdown. The Jags still left the half with the last laugh however as Redshirt Junior Shykee Thomas returned a kickoff for a touchdown with just over two minutes to go. Southern then took the lead into the half in remarkable fashion.

The second half looked to be a repeat of the first as Southern struck first once again. This time on a rushing touchdown from Sims. The Jags were not done offensively as they then scored once more on an 18-yard touchdown pass from Ladarius Skelton. Their offense became a runaway train as they steamrolled their opponents drive by drive.

In the fourth quarter Southern only further cemented their win with two more touchdown drives. One coming from another five-yard rush from Sims. The other coming from a six-yard pass from Lampley. The Jags put up a season high total for points as they defeated Texas Southern 51-23.

Throughout the entire game Southern was able to consistently score while keeping their defense fresh. The defense then followed the lead of the offense in keeping the Tigers offense in check for the majority of the game. Southern was also able to utilize both of their quarterbacks in Skelton and Lampley at various times in the game. Their offensive creativity assisted them in their execution and led them to a victory. Their next game will come against Deion Sanders and Jackson State on April 3.

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