With this upcoming football season now upon us, there’s no shortage of people who now want to see what the 2021 football team is going to bring to the table. In an interview with first-year head coach Jason Rollins, he believes that the Jaguars plan on and are primed to make another run for the SWAC championship once again. From the start of the interview, it was clear that Coach Rollins was excited and ready for the season to begin.

“I’m a country boy,” said Coach Rollins to start the interview, and as he went on, he mentions his love and passion for the game of football a multitude of times. “I love football, when I was kid, I always used to pick the teams at recess and at home.”

According to Rollins, he loves coaching and he lives and breathes football, and more than anything, he wants to make sure that his players are taken care of.

One of the biggest stars on this year's team is Ladarius Skelton; and while speaking with Rollins, he noted how the quarterback has been working on becoming better in the pocket and being a better passer.

“He’s a great kid and most importantly he is a winner. Ladarius has not only worked on his game, but he also worked on himself because he wants to be a better person, better player, and leader and you just have to love a kid like that,” said Coach Rollins on his star quarterback.

The Jags are coming off a Bayou Classic win against Grambling State 49-7, but the difference is that happened 4 months ago in April, not in November. However, Coach Rollins remained optimistic, despite the throwed off season schedule, by preaching optimism.

“We must have mental toughness, that is the deciding factor in a season. We are one family, and one team, we are there for one another and it is important we stay ready.” As I walked inside of the facility and saw the players going about their training and treatment, it was clear that they were motivated and were ready to win.

Finally, Coach Rollins spoke on taking over Coach Dawson Odums as interim head coach. I mentioned how he started in the same position as him and he left his legacy and he spoke on his plans.

“Legacy happens when you can look back and see you have done your job well, so I take it one day at a time.” said Coach Rollins on his approach to being the successor to one of Southern’s most accomplished coaches.

Coach Rollins is clearly motivated and has been a great leader, leading the Jaguars football team to 100% of his players being fully vaccinated. With COVID hopefully in the rear view with this development, Coach Rollins emphasized safety in and off the field as his players looks to begin and maintain a successful football story.

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