After an HBCU-themed court during the NBA’s All-Star game, along with a plethora of HBCU alum expressing their love for their respected HBCU followed with a montage of videos throughout, CBS is coming along with that same notion but on another level. On March 4 CBS made an announcement saying that they will be partnering to create the HBCU All-Star Game. It’ll be a college basketball showcase that features the best HBCU players in the nation, beginning in 2022 in New Orleans, and will be played the Sunday of the Final Four weekend.

The All-Star Game will be broadcasted on the CBS Television Network and ViacomCBS also announced that the multi-year commitment to HBCUs will garner a “creation of an annual scholarship fund and internship opportunities in an effort to foster, highlight, identify and recruit the many talented and accomplished students from all HBCUs . . .” “With CBS Sports echoing ViacomCBS sentiments stating that “At CBS Sports, we share ViacomCBS’ strong belief that diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral to creating meaningful change and opportunities for our employees”. This All-Star game is just what athletes amongst HBCUs needed and it’s coming at the right time. For the past few months, HBCUs have been garnering a little more notoriety than usual with help from current and former NFL and NBA players such as Chris Paul, Chad Johnson, Lebron James, and Langston Galloway.

HBCU All-Stars LLC founder Travis L. Williams and owner of a black-owned sports marketing company stated proudly “We are excited about the opportunity to showcase HBCU student-athletes and coaches on a national stage during college basketball’s biggest weekend….this historic endeavor with CBS Sports will raise national awareness of our prestigious HBCUs and our long legacy of academic and athletic achievement. This is far more than a game; it will include the entire HBCU cultural experience”. Along with the All-Star game, there will also be an HBCU All-Star Game Experience. It’ll be a week-long festival starting on the Tuesday before the All-Star Game, and wrapping up the festivities the Tuesday following the National Championship game. This is festival will likely focus more on and celebrate the “black culture, black excellence, and black history through the HBCU Experience”

There’s nothing more than showing the true HBCU experience through the eyes of fellow HBCU students, athletes, and the culture itself. With everything that took place in 2020, 2022 seems to be the year for us again.

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