During all the empowering and uplifting events that took place on campus, this 2021 Women’s Week, an online seminar called “Lunch and Learn” took place via Zoom. The online seminar focused on teaching young business owners the particulars of starting a business and how to properly go about the different application processes.

The online seminar consisted of well-established and thriving female African American business owners such as Jo Lawrence, De’shoin York, Trudy Turner, Marjorae Ball, and many others. During the online seminar, the ladies spoke about a range of topics such as the common problems females face in the beginning stages of their business journey and how to navigate them. Some problems include, missed documentation, new deadlines, certification management and much more. The women expressed that in the business world things are always changing, not only economic wise but certifications as well.

The conference’s targeted audience for this specific online seminar was for the business and finance majors here at Southern University. The women who presented gave tips on how to navigate a small thriving business based on their individual experiences, from economic requirements for application certification and goals we should have when starting a business.

One specific discussion topic that stood out was poor women who owned small business. This topic was a major thumbnail in the conversation due to our current state as a nation during this pandemic. The ladies talked about things such as how to go about getting a loan or financial support during this time. The pandemic has put a strain on our economy, and with this being a nationwide economic struggle, I found it helpful that the women such as Ms. Lawrence felt the need to explore the options that a potential small business owner could have to properly pick their business up off the ground and become a success.

As the semester ends, many of the events are ending as well, leaving students with seeds of knowledge from all past events. The Southern University school of Business will hopefully have more events such as the Lunch and Learn online seminar to give students a better outlook on their future business endeavors.

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