COVID-19 has made life more difficult in every way imaginable for everyone, but college students in particular have had a time adjusting to what may be our new normal. With an entirely new class of students gracing The Bluff however, students from the class of 2024 and the class of 2025 have discussed their own experiences with the admissions process between the two of them.

Freshman biology Presslee Robins stated that “The admissions process was pretty painless, it only took a few hours after I put in my transcripts, recommendation letters and financial aid. I didn’t really have any problems and got my decision back in two weeks. Once I decided this was where I wanted to go, my mom and I filled out my housing, paid my fees, and I was good.”

While the admissions process can be a hassle if you don’t know what all you’ll need, being prepared and having all of the necessary paperwork made all of the difference in how students perceive the admissions process. For Robins, the readiness made her overall admissions process speedy and efficient.

As an incoming freshman, a painless admissions process is something that just takes a load off the students and parents when it comes to readjusting to new surroundings. Students from the class of 2024 beg to differ on a simpler admissions process, as a student of the class of 2024 I can say that with COVID being at its peak in 2020 many were adjusting to the “new normal” and the admissions process was tiring.

“I had to bring copies of my paperwork twice before I was able to complete the process. It was a headache at first, but I was glad to be able to get it straight before the semester started,” said Marcus Jeffries, a sophomore social work major from Monroe, Louisiana.

Despite the negative experiences that some students may have had however, the general consensus of new students is that the admissions process was overall efficient. Compared to the class of 2024, incoming freshman were impacted less by the pandemic in their admissions process, and were able to complete all necessary paperwork with minimal hindrance.

Faculty member and student alumnus, Tracey Taylor-Jerrell has said “This year’s process is better, and the First Year Experience team has done a good job. Kudos to Dr. Zackeus Johnson and the entire First Year Experience Department.”

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