On Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 6:30 PM the Louisiana National Association for the Advancement of Colored People also known as the NAACP Youth and College Division held a Financial Literacy Workshop via Z oom. The session focused in various areas of finance such as budgeting, investing, and credit. The meeting was hosted by the Southern University and Louisiana State University Chapters of the NAACP. Each school had a student to represent them as speakers. The zoom consisted of NAACP members from all across the state of Louisiana.

The two chapters came together to host this event to increase financial literacy and understanding amongst peers in a fun and engaging way. Kelsey Perine, Southern University’s NAACP chapter president and Louisiana NAACP Youth and College Division president said, “As state conference president, I wanted this to be a launching point for all the good things that are to come from our conference. I wanted events that showcased our units as leaders and advocates. This event was just the beginning and I am so excited to show what else we have in store.”

The night consisted of learning easier ways to budget. Investment techniques were also offered throughout the session. One of the main focusses of the event was to discuss credit. The big “C” word is something not many college students have knowledge on but is one of the biggest problems young adults run into when entering the real world. Every student in attendance was taught how to build their credit. There were even new ideas presented to build credit rather than the traditional way of getting a credit card. As young adults it is important to balance your money and know your money. Xavier left everyone in attendance with a meaningful statement, “Make sure that you are conscious with your saving. The way you spend your money today, can influence the amount of money you have in the future.” Be on the lookout for upcoming events from the NAACP.

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