Finding Yourself; Evolving in Entrepreneurship

Guest speaker Lakita Woodard speaks to students at the the Entrepreneurship event held on Thursday, April 22 inside Royal Cotillion Ballroom. (Terrell Smith/DIGEST)

Spring Fest Week saw its fair share of stimulating activities and informationals, including one centered around aspiring entrepreneurs and the methods best suited to elevate them to new levels of productivity. Sponsored by Student Affairs, the night’s informational featured Lakitia Woodard as the night’s guest speaker who noted the various aspects of entrepreneurship and tips on becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The students in attendance noted how the information and perspective shared by Woodard helped to expand their expectations of the demands associated with the field. For prospective entrepreneurs especially, having a pleasant view of the things that you will need to succeed and prosper as a businessperson from a primary source is crucial.

According to one student, getting the point of view from someone experienced in entrepreneurship and general organization is something that she believes will be beneficial to her in the long term. “It was really cool to get insight from someone who’s taken the life path that I did. It’s always good to get that perspective from someone who’s already began the work,” said Mercades Collins, a freshmen finance major from San Diego, California.

The event was orchestrated by the newly elected Miss Southern, Jaden D. Johnson, and her cabinet as a means of supplying a source of information for students to partake in on a conversational basis. “Something that I took from it was to take a leap of faith and chase your dreams,” said Jaden when asked what message she got from the guest speaker.

“I’m glad that we could have an event like this in person. It made the entire thing feel more like a conversation than a class meeting [on Zoom],” said Bradyn Matthews, a junior urban forestry major from Houma, Louisiana. Like many events now that Louisiana is in phase three, the events’ entire proceedings were able to take place inside of a live venue in the Cotillion Ballroom.

According to those in attendance, the event featured informative conversations and helpful dialogue to those hoping to pursue entrepreneurial career paths. Considering Southern’s history of fostering young entrepreneurs throughout the many programs on campus, this theme of guest speakers is one that we will see again in the future.

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