Years of Planning: Lacumba’s Landing Launched

Homepage for Lacumba’s Landing/Coutesy OSLE

Lacumba’s Landing, a website that features different organizations on campus, was recently updated with new features by the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement to help students more easily find activities and niche groups on campus. Winton Anderson, the Assistant Director of the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement says, “…the goal [of the website] is to take the antiquated process of students having to go physically find the information to now transitioning over to a virtual model that is going to allow students to explore the possibilities.”

Its home page features organizations such as Bio Jags, Code Blue Stomp N’ Shake, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, and more. In total the website highlights over forty organizations varying from honors, academic, social, and Greek organizations.

Along with including all the student-led organizations on campus and their respective events, students who choose to make a profile can also document and track their service hours throughout the year and follow specific organizations to receive announcements of their upcoming events. The website also features an area for “campus forms.” As of March 15, 2021, there are two uploaded forms, one for applying to become a new student organization on campus and another for the student activity fund.

The website page also features a “Connect with Us” section that, as of March 6, 2021, shows current tweets from the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement and the official Facebook page of Southern University.

Naomi Ward, a freshman business major from Maryland noted how the site makes connecting with other areas of campus efficient and convenient. She commented that “I enjoy using Lacumba’s Landing because it makes it very easy to find organizations on campus. This allows me to stay connected with the university.” Kennedy Browne, a freshman computer science major from Virginia, shares Ward’s perspective of LaCumba’s Landing being a worthwhile resource for the student body. She says, “I like that when I’m using Lacumba’s Landing I have access to all what’s going on with all organizations on campus.”

Students can find Lacumba’s Landing at or by downloading the app which is available on the Apple App Store as well as Google Play. Either through the website or the application, Jags can stay connected with different organizations in one place.

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