SGA Senate Meeting: What’s happening


On Tuesday, March 16th, the SGA held a senate meeting via Zoom. The two bills that were discussed were the resolution for Residential life & housing and Smith-Brown student union increases. Aliyah Strickland began the meeting by introducing the Resolution for Residential Life and Housing. This resolution focused on addressing the faded lines on parking spaces across multiple areas in Resident North parking lots.

After all parties agreed with passing the bill, the resolution was set to be in effect by spring of 2021. Shawn White, a junior majoring in criminal justice, says he is happy this bill was passed. Mr. White comments that “The parking has been raggedy for a while now. I’m happy they care enough to do something about it.”

The next bill to be introduced was the Smith-Brown student union fee increase. The resolution focuses on raising the student union fee from $45.00 to $150.00. The decision was pushed to better the student’s experience while being on campus. Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Anthony Jackson spoke out during the meeting saying that the plan is to expand. He states, “We want the student union to be more convenient for students. Some ideas we’ve thought about is including in a movie theater and incorporating more study outlets.”

Nichole Ray, a junior majoring in psychology, says that she is unsure about the passing of this bill. Ms. Ray stated that “I think that the vision is perfect, but I feel like the school should find different ways to fund it, not us. We’re already having to face unnecessary charges in our accounts sometimes. Once the bill is completely put to motion the controversy amongst more students will begin.”

Blake Reddick replied with transparency stating “I believe the student body will not be comfortable with the increase of the student union fee. Simple fact of the matter than anytime tuition is increased you will have problems or a student who doesn’t like or agree with the decision.” After discussing these bills the senate meeting came to a close. For more information on the SGA Senate and its meeting, feel free to follow them on Instagram at @susgasenate.

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