The Southern University’s Career Services Center hosted a Women’s Summit that featured information centered around improving the daily lives of women throughout the black community. The event was held on Zoom and sponsored by Procter & Gamble (P&G). All students that registered for the event were guaranteed to receive a SUcess Box that included a professional portfolio, SU lapel pin, and journal. Many girls joined the call, eager for inspiration. The motto was TOGETHER We Will Win!

Ms. Tamara Foster-Montgomery, the Director of the Office of Career Services, wrote a plan to set up this program way back in 2015. Ms. Montgomery said, “I wrote a plan to establish this program on our campus for our female students. At that time, we wanted to have an event specific to the female student during the Spring and then coordinate a conference specific to our male students for the fall semester and invite alumni to engage with our students but due to funding, I postponed the event and kept the plan to host it in the future.”

The Women’s Summit kicked off with Alicia Keys’ music video, “Girl On Fire.” There were different breakout rooms that students could choose from for business and entrepreneurs. Lots of essential advice was given by successful women and alumni of Southern University. Students engaged in the conversations through the Zoom chatbox. Not only was career advice given, but also healthy advice on what to eat and how to treat yourself. A motivational speaker and jack of all trades, Katina Semien, dropped some knowledge related to the motto saying, “Collaboration, not competition, is how you will succeed.”

All types of accomplished women were on the call from health coaches to the National President of the Southern University Alumni Federation. Legendary R&B singer Brandy’s mother, Mrs. Sonja Norwood, even hopped on the call and was a guest speaker. “Crystallize knowing who you are and your personality,” the Southern alumna finished, ending the event with words of encouragement.

You could feel the love and wisdom through the screen from these amazing ladies. They were true class acts that took time out of their busy schedules to give hope to students. “I felt very welcomed and empowered from the very beginning! It was definitely a great experience that every young woman that attends this university should have!” said Destyne Howard, a sophomore from Houston, Texas.

At the end of the event, the song “True Southern Girl” by the Human Jukebox was played. The 2021 Women’s Summit was one for the books and left an impact on young women at Southern University. In the future, it will be an annual event.

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