SU grad develops app to increase safety

Location Lockbox adds a layer of safety and security to your whereabouts. (Courtesy/Apple)

There have been numerous instances where students or faculty members have found themselves in unsafe situations not only on Southern University’s campus, but also in surrounding areas.

However, Southern University’s campus is getting safer with time. In a yearly report published by the Southern University Police Department, there were less reported cases of violent crimes than in the past year, with that year having less reports than the year before it. The call for necessary safety measures has been answered in numerous different ways, including the implementation of the yellow distress poles, additional security cameras, and the Jag Safe App.

The most recent advancement is a personal safety app developed by Sheldon Early, a Southern University graduate, in an attempt to make Southern University a safer place.

Early’s contribution to the safety movement comes in the form of an app called Location Lockbox. Sheldon Early, founder of Location Lockbox stated, “Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are reported missing with no indication as to where their families and friends should begin their search.”

Early gave further insight to the purpose of Location Lockbox stating,“We created Location Lockbox to help people find their loved ones by providing the last known location of the phone and event details to the emergency contact who can get help. The app can greatly reduce the time between an emergency and help arriving.”

Location Lockbox is an easy-to-use app that is available for purchase in the App Store and Google Play.

First, the user must download the app, then he or she has to sign up and create two codes -- one indicates the user is safe and the other indicates that he or she is in distress. Next, the user creates an event, chooses a check-in time and an emergency contact, then goes about his or her day.

Finally, if the user does not check in within 30 minutes of the designated time or if the user checks in with their unsafe code, the emergency contact will be notified with event details and the last known location of the user’s mobile device.

In addition, there are settings to allow the user to choose a particular emergency response department; for instance, a student’s default emergency contact setting could be the university police department.

When given a brief description of Location Lockbox, Dakota Veal, a freshman from Baton Rouge stated, “Ten dollars is kind of steep for an app, but I would feel safer with it.”

Undoubtedly, money is a large factor in many college students’ decisions; therefore, one must decide if the ten dollar annual subscription fee is a worthy investment to one’s personal safety.

Dymond Robertson, a freshman from Thibodaux said, “It would give me a peace of mind knowing that if I’m ever in danger someone will be notified quickly.”

Location Lockbox is an application that provides a peace of mind to its users, and has the potential to make their daily lives safer.

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