After a disappointing loss to the Buffalo Bills 31-6 for the Saints on Thanksgiving, many fans wonder what happened to the Saints in just one year. The Saints started strong with a 5-2 record but have lost four straight and have a 5-6 record. In addition, the Saint’s offense has plunged this whole season and has seen multiple injuries to key players.

The Saints have looked horrible since the Buccaneers game, with the offense most of the time not scoring until the 4th quarter. I must look at Sean Payton and hold him accountable because he is too good of an offensive-minded head coach not to produce points. All the plays the saints run are basic high school plays that are too easy to defend. Also, Sean Payton must look at Trevor Siemian and change his quarterback because his QB play is horrible. He can’t even throw an accurate ball.

Injuries have been the tune for the Saints all season long. Many key players have been out that make a difference to our team. Some notable players are Alvin Kamara, Mark Ingram, Jameis Winston, Taysom Hill, Ryan Ramczyk, Terron Armstead, Michael Thomas, and key defensive players like Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. The Saints have been bringing players in and out to try and replace these players.

I understand how tough it is to win games with most of your key players being out for your most challenging opponents. Unfortunately, the offense has been inconsistent because almost none of your key starters are playing. The Saints losing Jameis Winston for the year has been horrible because the team is looking way better, but there is still no excuse to not score until the fourth quarter. Injuries hurt the team, but coaching can still make your team compete, which is not what the Saints are doing.

The expectations for the Saints were to go to the playoffs, which was possible with Jameis Winston, but even then, the Saint’s offense was inconsistent. Several things went into the Saints plummeting, but the main three were Injuries, Inconsistency with offense/coaching, and terrible quarterback play. However, expect the Saints to roll big next year when everybody is back.

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