Last week, Southern University’s Athletics Department donated over $2,000 to the Southern University Lab School team to assist with supply and team management costs. Representatives of the University met with the team to encourage enthusiasm among the team's members as well as offset any expenses that the team may have incurred in recent years.

The Kittens of Southern Lab are the junior affiliates to Southern University as they share practice fields, a mascot, and a campus; the high school is located just across the street from the Southern University Field House.

Following the donation, morale within the team received a significant boost as players were allowed free roam of the store to gather supplies. Some of the supplies in question included sports tape, equipment, and uniform accessories.

Members of the student body were asked how they felt about the generous donation and Tanya Jones, a junior majoring in animal science, addressed the future of the players. “I think it was really nice what the athletic department did, I’m pretty sure those boys will eventually be our future football players for the university.”

While other students may have agreed, a senior majoring in agriculture believes giving back to the community is what really matters. “One thing the athletics department is going to do is show support, those babies seemed like they really appreciated what was done for them,” said Anasia Lee. “I think it was well deserved,” she concluded.

Some of the materials that the youth team received included safety equipment and helmets. Whether it was in support of the community or to influence the minds of the kids to attend Southern University, the donation seems to be viewed as a hard earned victory for the Southern University Lab School as students and staff applauded the move.

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