A Closer Look: Disability &  Rehabilitation Services

A collage of awards/credentials that sit on the wall inside Dr. Madan M.

Kundu’s office inside the Office of Disability Services.

(Whitney Thomas/DIGIEST

Blanks Hall can be easily passed up on a daily basis as students rotate from class to class. However, it is one of the most significant buildings here on Southern Universities campus, providing accommodations to students with diverse backgrounds and needs.

Having disabilities can result in subconscious insecurities that you aren't the same as everyone else, but the Office of Disability makes sure students get the proper care ensuring confidential services to students in post secondary settings. Accommodations can only be made if a student can provide necessary documents.

“My sister has special needs, and although she is still able to function properly we knew she would need help in her four years of being here. The Department of Disabilities has been a big help,” says Deniah Coleman, a junior majoring in pre-law.

The Office Of Disability and the Department of Rehabilitation and Disabilities are located in the same building and work hand in hand in providing students a comfortable experience. After years of traveling, and securing several Ph.Ds, Madan M. Kudu has dedicated more than 37 years into rehabilitation counseling and has been preparing graduate students to become successful rehabilitation counselors. Dr. Kundu’s objectives are to train students effectively with physical, mental, and sensory impairments, emphasize acquisition of competencies, and ensure that students are equipped with disability skills. Dr. Kudu explains the backgrounds of his job as his life's ultimate purpose. “We prepare professionals called rehabilitation counselors, and they work in different agencies in the state or across the country. Students that enter into this program have to earn a master's degree which is 60 hours per certificate, and then they can get a masters certification. They can also earn a license as a professional counselor. The degree and national certifications will help them make a better salary.”

Dr. Madans office is covered with different degrees and certificates. His passion for his job and students can be easily felt through one conversation. Dr. Haskia Karnakanti left India in pursuit of extending herself in Rehabilitation counseling and says Dr. Madan has been one of her biggest influences on her journey. “I've been here for one month, that's all, but I've been in contact with him for the past five months. I worked as a doctor in India, but rehabilitation is different. You have to see the patient, you have to understand the condition and counsel them accordingly. This course helps us understand exactly what people are going through and in return we learn how to treat them.”

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