Pinned: SU Alumni chapter hosts pinning  ceremony for nursing students

Members of the Southern University Alumni home chapter smile for a quick photo with students from the

Southern University Nursing Program after their pinning ceremony on Thursday, October 14 inside the

Wade House. (Keith Davis/DIGEST)

On behalf of Ms. Michelle Jones, first generational-1993 graduate from Southern University A&M college, now president of the Southern University Alumni Home chapter, an assembly was held at the President's House in the back of the campus. This assembly was to honor nine nursing students with the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Scholarship.

Some of the criteria for this scholarship was the applicants must have: at least a 3.0 GPA, must submit a letter of recommendation, must be a first or second semester undergraduate senior level nursing student, and applicants were to submit an essay on why they chose Southern University's Nursing Program.

Mr. DeAndre Dearinge, the president’s Executive Liaison was the most memorable host for the night. First up was the opening prayer by treasurer, Mr. Tyrone Johnson. Then, the welcome, presented by Vice President, Ms. Tiffany Veal. She spoke to ensure that the nursing students continue their push until the end. When they achieve that degree, she wants them to keep that strong success-oriented drive and go out into the real world to become successful nurses continuing to help the world.

Ms. Veal states, “It is our goal for you to continue with your education with Southern University’s School of Nursing. We hope that this scholarship will give you just another push to let you know that not only the Alumni support you, but Southern University as a whole supports you.” Especially with these COVID-19 times, we are in extensive need of these workers in the medical field.

Next speaker was Ms. Tracy Taloy-Jarrell, first Vice President of the Alumni Home Chapter. She presented the greeting segment on behalf of Executive Director, Dr. Derrick Warren as well as the national president, Ms. LaQuitta Thomas. She wanted to encourage the students that “The sky is the limit,” and also emphasised everyone being there in support for the students.

After the greeting segment, the Southern University Alumni Federation provided dinner and dessert for everyone, and then the presentation of the scholarships were given out. Leading the presentation was President Ms. Michelle Jones and third Vice President, Ms. Joy Jones.

The nine recipients to receive the Blue Cross Blue Shield Scholarship of Louisiana were: Yasmine Bailey, Brittany Clayton, Mallarie Dillion, Destiny Easterling, Ting Ting Huo, Mykayla Jackson, D’Addrick Nixon, Da’Jie Phillips, and Deja Stepter. The recipients received an award of $500 and also a gift card.

Congratulations to all the winners who received the Blue Cross Blue Shield Scholarship of Louisiana from the Southern University Alumni Federation! Continue to be disciplined, determined, and success-driven in your career pathway. You are needed, and supported by Southern University’s faculty! Go Jags!

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