Jags Fall Short Against UAPB in 3-0 Sweep

Senior,right side hitter, Joilyn Azore, returning the ball with a spike from UAPB on November 7 (DIGEST/Jamie Calhoun)

The Jaguar Volleyball team played Arkansas Pine Bluffs in Seymour Gym in their 4th or 6 straight at home to end their regular season. Before the game started, there was the singing of the national anthem and of course the announcement of the starting six.

The Jaguars had a rough game out the gate, and it showed as the game progressed. The first set started off with a rally and the first point was scored by junior Kendall Dutton. Kendall Dutton, Joilyn Azore, and Nya Campbell made killer attacks within the first set. During this set, there was an intense rally that was ended by number eleven Xaria Taylor who made an unexpected kill. The Jaguars had a lot of energy, but they lost the set with the score ending 19-25.

The second set was a battle. Both teams started the game off with the energy to win. The teams tied the score, broke it, then tied it again. The Jags made some of the same mistakes they did in the first set when it came to lack of coverage and some hits not making it over the net. Due to these mistakes the Lady Jags lost all three sets, with the second set ending 20-25 and the third set ending 13-25.

When asked about what she thought they could learn as team from the night’s events, senior right side hitter Joilyn Azore responded by stating, “As a team, I believe we should work on serve-receive and executing the ball.”

The Jags have some work to do before their game against Grambling State and considering their two games away from the SWAC tournament, practices won’t be easy. “...coach is going to have us work on game-like situations...pressure serving...and also hitting reps, to be more consistent.”, says Joilyn Azore.

Even though the team lost, the fans were still loud; from moms yelling in the stands to the commentator leading the cheers.

All volleyball fans and Southern University students don’t forget to cheer on your Jaguars at the volleyball game against the Alcorn Braves this Thursday, November 11th in Seymour Gym. In the words of Joilyn Azore, “Go Jags!”.

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