The End: Jags Lose 0-1 in SWAC Tournament

On November 4 at 8 p.m. the Southern University Jaguars played against Alabama A&M at the SWAC Tournament at PVAMU’s soccer complex. The Jaguars fell short in the second OT and lost to Alabama A&M by 1 goal.

The Jaguars and Bulldogs pushed up and down the pitch as they competed throughout the half with quick movement and shots made by both the Bulldogs and Jaguars kept both teams on their toes.

Chioma Eriken held 6 saves in the second quarter, contributing heavily to the tied game at the end of the period that turned into the first OT of the afternoon.

During the first OT, both team's drove the ball back and forth. The OT was ten minutes full of action and hard-core defense from both teams.

In the second overtime starting at 100:00-minute, a yellow card was drawn at 101:20-minute by Alabama A&M that led to a corner kick. Ultimately however, the game winning strike was scored by Fernanda Valencia of Alabama A&M on an assist by Laura Jansa, bringing an end to Southern’s tournament hopes.

Kaitlyn Hale, Surya Nero, Amya Webb, and Cordney Armstrong all had 2 shots each in the match. Cordney Armstrong played for 103 minutes with 2 shots and 1 shot on goal. The Jaguars had 13 shots and 11 shots on goal total, with Chioma Eriken playing a competitive game with 11 saves and 1 goal against the Bulldogs.

The Jaguars season has ended but the tournament continues. The SWAC Tournament proceeds on November 5 with PVAMU, Alabama State, and Grambling. The Soccer championship will be held on November 7 at PVAMU.

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