A Recap: Sigma Gamma Rho Week on the Yard

The month of November kicked off fast with numerous organizations sponsoring weekly activities. This week's lineup featured SGRHO and saw numerous events and activities take place through last week. In conversations with members of SGRHO, such as Raven Barnes, Vaneah Scott and Jalen Nickens, it was possible to get an idea of what being a part of SGRHO meant and what they hoped the week could contribute to the Bluff.

“The women are friendly, it was a warm welcoming experience, I wanted to do something for the community, and also have a genuine sisterhood,” said Raven Barnes on the factors that made SGRHO appealing to her. The idea of community seemed to be a selling point for many members of the organization as it became a repeated aspect of what many of them enjoyed most about it.

“SGRHO was different from other organizations, I wanted to be a part of something that I truly wanted to do, plus my favorite color is blue so that caught my heart as well,” said Vaneah Scott, another member of SGRHO, in regards to what she drew her to the organization.

“It was basically the uniqueness of the organization, the research is very different than the other orgs on campus. I just wanted an environment where I knew sisterhood would be real and that’s definitely what I gained,” said Jalen Hickens about her reasoning for joining the organization.

When asked specifically what they wanted students to take away from their week's events, Nickens simply said: “A sisterhood, network, education, community service, and [opportunity] for progress of development for women.”

Members of the organization also asked how they believed being a part of the organization has positively affected them. “As far as benefits I really started learning how to advocate for myself, with being an SGRHO you really have to have tough skin and be strong minded. Another big thing is connections and networking,” said Vaneah Scott.

“So far I’ve gained leadership skills for one, I’ve also grown as a woman, I’ve gained experiences that have helped me grow as a woman, also a sisterhood that I’ve always wanted,” said Raven Barnes.

As a collective, the stance of many organization members is that being a part of the 1945 Edition was overall fun, something different and unique for Beta Alpha and the 1945. Overall the women of SGRHO have had a successful and fun Founder’s Week, all while still making sure all the important tasks were done before the fun.

That goes to show that time management plays a big part in their everyday life and no matter what. “You have to prioritize and organize your schedule to see what things you can make it to” said Vaneah Scott. “It’s really about planning and writing stuff out so that you can manage your time effectively so that you don’t miss the important things,” said Jalen Nickens.

As the week progresses, think about what time management means to you and all the benefits you can gain from doing something you love just like these three women.

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