“Ricoh Uncovered Cost and Savings” - Improved Experiences With Updated Services

The collaboration between Ricoh and Southern University has been improving at an exponential rate in recent years. The printing service offers where students can put in an order for regular prints, push cards, business cards, posters, or banners.

“For push cards, the turnaround time is about 24 to 48 hours depending on how many orders were received ahead of time, while banners and posters should take no longer than three days,” said Pamela Jackson, the office manager at Ricoh.

During election time, the staff services offered to the student body are promotional for yard signs, banners and whatever else is in need for election season.

Another service offered by Ricoh includes mail services. If a student resides on campus, the use of mail services through Ricoh is covered through tuition. If the student is off campus, they can elect to maintain a mailbox key, which is $17.50 for 6 months or $35 for the year.

The most recent improvements so far with Ricoh have been with their technology. Students can receive a confirmation email verifying the packages have been dropped off and ready for pickup. If any students have a problem with delayed shipping, they are advised to track packages and reach out to the carrier's site.

Going to the mail room has been a very reliable and an easy process lately. Mya Mongo, a Southern University cheerleader states, “I’ve had nothing but good experiences with our mailroom. They are very reliable. All my packages have been carefully handled, no damage. It has been a very quick and easy process. I go in, swipe my student ID, get my package and sign off.”

Most students on campus find it in their best interest to constantly use the mailroom, especially being that the majority of the students on campus are from out of state.

Students are not the only ones who utilize the mailroom as well. Most of the businesses and offices on campus rely on it too. Their mail is sent and received in a timely manner, and

Ricoh is doing an outstanding job with all services they offer. Boasting professional and efficient service, Ricoh at Southern University has established itself as a staple of service on the Bluff.

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