Homecoming brings a special feeling of school spirit, from the students who attend the institution to the supporters who live nearby. Our cheerleaders took the time out to celebrate the homecoming of GEO Prep Academy to add a little extra to an already eventful week for the kids there. Recently, news editor Whitney Thomas reached out to the principal of GEO Prep Academy, Lydia Stevenson, to find out how the experience of homecoming was this year, the different festivities that took place, and what impact our cheerleaders had on the kids to cap off their homecoming week.

Lydia Stevenson says this is their third year hosting. "We normally have annual homecoming festivities each year, and this is actually our third year hosting homecoming festivities for our third through fifth grade and middle school flag football teams."

She continued, "We pick a week every year in the month of October to celebrate homecoming. We celebrate with different activities throughout the week that scholars are able to participate in, such as dress-down day and neon day. hWe always do a homecoming court. Our students get to campaign and their peers get to vote for them, and they select the queen and king for GEO Prep Academy as well as princes and princesses for each grade level."

After explaining the homecoming week traditions at GEO Prep Academy, Stevenson discusses how she was able to get the SU Cheerleaders to perform at their homecoming. "I actually have a teacher who teaches for me who is the coach for the Southern University Cheerleaders. That’s how the cheerleaders became apart of our homecoming parade."

The cheerleaders’ guest appearance lasted only an hour, but according to Stevenson, the kids at GEO Prep enjoyed their visit. When asked if the cheerleaders at SU would be called up for the next homecoming or for any event coming up, Stevenson replied, "Absolutely! We absolutely love them; they are a part of the GEO Platt Dr. family. "

Students of Southern University also weighed in on the Cheerleaders visit to GEO Prep’s homecoming.

Taniya Bank, a sophomore majoring in childhood education, has a relative that goes to GEO Prep Academy. "My baby cousin goes to GEO Prep, so we went to their homecoming parade. They love Southern Cheerleaders, and I was happy to see them come out and support them. "

Taylor Thompson, a freshman majoring in health education, admires how the cheerleaders can keep people in good spirits, "The cheerleaders do such a good job at keeping students in high spirits, so I knew when they got the opportunity to perform at GEO Prep that it would be a good outcome. The kids seemed happy to have them there, along with the mascot. "

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