The National Library of Medicine collaborated with Southern University to promote access to health literacy online. Southern University selected websites that focus on increasing awareness about chronic diseases, COVID-19, and various medications. The individuals designated for the project are librarian Maletta Payne and School of Nursing professor Cheryl Taylor, who both serve as co-principal investigators.

The John B. Cade Library’s focus is to spread awareness about health for the entire Jaguar nation and community. The project was developed to help our people access accurate scientific information. To inform people with the correct knowledge to take care of themselves and their families.

The $20,000 grant was awarded by the Environmental Health Information Partnership through the engagement initiative. The donation is toward labor, collaboration, and developing products for the library to distribute to students and the community.

It’s an awesome project that’s introducing people to websites for solid health information. It's free, secure information. We want as many people as possible in the Jaguar nation to know they have health resources to utilize, "stated Cheryl Taylor, co-principal investigator.

"This project is an excellent new initiative, and I have tried it for myself and my chapter members. There is a lot of beneficial, reliable health information that senior citizens and alumni need to know exactly where to go. Thanks to Cade Library, the Jaguars can spread the good news, "said Dilcie Green, Monroe Chapter President and SU alumnus from the class of 1965.

The three websites that were selected are Medline Plus, Lit Covid, and DailyMed. All the websites are simple to use and can answer all health questions. These sites help prevent misinformation from surfacing about other people. NLM and John B. Cade Library understand that many people don’t know how to access accurate health statistics, and this was the ideal way to end the deception.

DailyMed provides information about marketed drugs. Lit Covid is a literacy hub for tracking scientific information about Covid-19. Medline Plus has health information resources to find dependable information about diseases, conditions, and wellness topics, and even information about preparing to take a medical test or exam. These websites are attested to and can reduce health disparities.

NLM is the most scientifically sound center for health information. All the websites' databases have been reviewed by the National Library of Medicine, which gives students, graduate students, and people in the community the opportunity to access environmental health information.

The librarians are available to provide instruction and guidance to talk with students and the community about the information on the websites, stated Dawn Kight, Library Dean.

NLM collaborated with Southern University and other minority-serving institutions to design and implement projects within the universities. A proposal was submitted, it was approved and then funded by NLM, stated Dawn Kight. At present, the co-principal investigators, librarians, and library technical support are taking every action to ensure the information is known.

Students are excited to know the information is here in the library. We are a black community and have health issues that run in our family's health information. This is important; we all must look after each other, "stated Maletta Payne, co-principal investigator.

Over 500 people have taken the online pre-test, module evaluation, and post-test. The surveys are available for students to complete at There are three different surveys based on health information that the students need to know more about. After that, the post-test should be completed.

"Partnering with nurses and librarians was an effective way to promote health to everyone. As nurses, we contribute wholly to health, and the librarians are information lovers, "said Cheryl Taylor. The initiative aims to continue the longevity of African Americans' health.

All questions that students and the community have about health, COVID-19, hypertension, diabetes, and chronic diseases can be answered on the NLM-approved websites. The librarians and library technical support are trained and prepared to assist as well.

"The websites are a good addition to the university. It’s good to know that the library has these databases available for students. With this information, I can improve my knowledge of health, "stated Ravyn Pierre, a junior business major."

The websites will allow students to depend on scientifically proven health information to guide them. Regarding what they learn in class or even helping family members with a disease or health issue, This initiative will make certain our people are using dependable sources to get correct information.

The co-investigators of the project urge everyone to visit the websites and share the information with family members and friends.

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