A new school year brings new SGA members. Students recently selected officials to represent their class and Southern University in mid-September of this year. SGA, and the Student Government Association, is made up of members of the student body who advocate for their student body by implementing activities, events, and innovative programs. The organization handles the challenges of student life, various departments on campus, as well as the countless concerns they listen to on the daily.

However, this organization has been quite silent these past few weeks, and the people want to know what’s on the horizon for the 2021 fall semester! Homecoming is around the corner and the illustrious Bayou Classic is next month, so what else will the Student Government Association pull out their sleeves until these two events? The brand new Jags are coming out swinging as the Freshman Cabinet appears to have confidence in the upcoming functions they have arranged for the next few weeks.

Ms. Kharis Taylor, freshman Class President and a student of the Honors College, is excited about the things that her cabinet and herself have coming up. She states, “The freshman class cabinet is actively working together to put together a year that makes our class feel welcomed and accepted into the Jaguar community. According to sources within the SGA, they have many fun and exciting projects coming up that promote class bonding, free expression, campus involvement, and the overall development of our class.” The freshman Class President is spot on when she mentions class bonding and campus involvement as so far; the freshman cabinet coordinated a prayer circle for the gun violence among their peers and a class get-together in the Student Union on campus.

Her collaborator, Mr. Nalone Sumo, the freshman class Vice President, agrees with Ms. Taylor’s sentiments. He admits, “The freshman class cabinet has plans to help with a smooth transition from high school, building long lasting relationships within the class of 2025, leadership development, and more!”

You can feel the engagement through the SGA cabinet as these two members love their positions, their cabinet, and the students they speak for. Mr. Sumo emphasized, “I have had a blast; from meeting new people to learning how to go about hosting events, SGA has been very welcoming.”

The freshman class president also enjoys her position, as she insists, “...It’s not what I expected. It’s actually everything I expected and more. I am surrounded by others who all share the same vision and are willing to do the work to make it happen.” She continues, “I love my position, I love my cabinet, I love my class, and I’m excited about the thing we’re about to do. Stay tuned! ‘SU25’ is definitely taking over.”

The freshman class cabinet’s actions speak for themself as they plan to keep momentum and the ball rolling. As Ms. Taylor reassured, “...We will continue to be successful as we help our class grow together in family, love, and school spirit.”

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