With the on-going existence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape on how colleges operate has changed drastically over the course of the summer and into this school year. Despite this change in circumstances, staff in the Department of Admissions has proven to be a pillar of consistency in the eyes of many on the Bluff.

In speaking with Executive Director of Admissions and Recruitment Mrs. Heather Freeman, she shared her perspective on the student acclimation process and the role that she plays in helping students handle unfinished business in her department. “ I understand the registration process and how it can be long and difficult due to long lines and the general process of getting things taken care of. That has been one of the things that I am most passionate about in my current new role: ensuring that our new students have a better experience when they are getting on board.” said Freeman.

While there are many different important roles that exist within Admissions, the role of getting students interested and aware of what Southern University has to offer is without a doubt one of the most important ones. Ms. Alwse Shelton, a student recruiter, knows what this experience is like, and as a new member of the admissions office for just over six months, has transitioned from an SU graduate to her a brand new position with the university in admissions. “Everything is a bit of a change and I’m still adjusting to things [in certain ways], but I enjoy [being in position] to do the things that I can do for the students in my new role.”

One of the major roles in admissions is being able to get a good feel for what new students are going through and what their day-to-day thoughts on their new HBCU are. Ms. Iaisha Webb, who has been in such a position as an admissions counselor also had the opportunity to give insight on what makes working in Admissions notable for her. Also an SU alumni and former student recruiter, Webb noted how she was a part of the on campus organization called BEEP, which talked about black entrepreneurs and how to make it in the business world.

Reginald Collins is another example of a Jaguar alumni who graduated from Southern University and found himself back working at his alma mater in the Admissions Department enroute to a future position as an educator. Born in Louisiana, Collins has been around the university all of his life and noted the fulfillment that he has in assisting current students in his current role.

When asked what his favorite thing about Southern University was, he responded with: Working with the students. “One of my joys is when a student comes and needs help and I can help them.” said Collins.

When asked what advice he would have for the students of today, he responded by simply stating: “Make sure college is what you want to do. Don’t come out playing and parting if you are not going to class; it just doesn’t work all the time for some people. That being said, I try my best to encourage them to at least give it your best shot”. said Reginald Collins.

There’s no shortage of notable characters throughout the numerous departments on campus, with many notable alumni being amongst their ranks. While their time on the Bluff as students may have come to an end, their time assisting the students of today has just begun.

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