In Command: Students react to 2020 Presidential Election


If you were to ask any media pundit from CNN to Fox News, they’d tell you that this year's 2020 presidential election was honestly one for the books. There was a widespread opinion on all issues, especially racial.

Different people from all over the world had much to say about the two candidates throughout the course of the election. Then, there is the other group of people who don't seem to care at all about the election.

Students around Southern University had a lot to say about the election. Most of the remarks were cheerful and relieved comments, while for others, they were apathetic. To begin with, it’s important to note the high number of Trump supporters in polling areas around the country who made numerous attempts to malign Joe Biden’s name in the aftermath of the election.

In turn, Biden’s supporters did the same thing to Trump. It’s been noted by many who have observed the American landscape during the Trump presidency that after the election this movement of hate will still exist between the differing political spectrums in America.

The question was posed to many politically aware Southern University students as to what their opinion on the election was. According to Tiyan Southall, a freshmen mechanical engineering major from Thibedeux, Louisiana, “Something feels wrong about this election.” Southall elaborated by noting the unorthodox time period that this year's election spanned. “I think it took too long, but all in all it was a success because Biden won,” continued Southhall.

After polling several different members of the student body, this was a shared sentiment. “I feel like a weight has been let off of my shoulders, and it’s great,” said Allen Kensey, a science major from New Iberia, Louisiana.

Some students cared to point out that Biden is attempting to shut down the oil field, and that they believe that wouldn’t be the best idea. In polling the SGA’s reaction they responded with general happiness in the wake of Biden's victory.

“I think that the United States will be taken better care of than when Trump was in office. I also am happy to hear about Kamala Harris making history in office!” stated one of the members.

Armani Pink, an SGA class official stated that she is glad that Biden and Harris have won the elections, and that she is glad that it is over! Many around the country share those feelings as they put this years presidential election behind them. Congratulations to Joe Biden and Harris on their victory in this year's election!

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