Southern Daze Spring Fest 2021: Talent Show

Shekinah McCurthy Performing her talent in the Southern Daze Spring Fest 2021 Talent Show in the F.G Clark Activity Center on April 20, 2021. (Jalynn Jacobs, DIGEST).

The first Southern University Talent Show since the onset of the pandemic was definitely one for the books, taking place in the F.G Clark Event Center on April 20. Talent shows can be seen as a way to help boost self-esteem, confidence, and to show off students’ special talent, while simultaneously entertaining the whole campus community.

Containing five contestants, this year’s talent show showed an array of performances including singing, rapping, and comedy. The theme was based off the 1988 film School Daze directed by Spike Lee. “The talent show was amazing and it had so much talent,” said Natalie Harrison, a sophomore majoring in Mass Communications.

Student Rodney Purdy Jr. gave his own stand up comedy with humorous stories, jokes, and one-liners. Mekhi November connected to the crowd through singing songs that displayed his eccentric vocals.“The talent show was pretty lit, it was fun, and comical,” expressed Joshua Gordon, a Criminal Justice major from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“I got first runner up, I feel very glad I got that especially for being my first time. I am relieved, overwhelmed and I appreciate the support from my friends and family,” said first runner up Alana Bush, a Mass Communications major from Lakeland, Florida, Bush moved the crowd by performing an elaborate praise dance.

“I’m excited about winning the talent show! I wanted to do last year’s talent show but COVID happened. I’m excited I got a chance to do it this year,” said the show’s winner, Shekinah McCurthy, a Jag from Chicago, Illinois majoring in music with a vocal concentration. She used her vocal abilities while performing her own rendition of “Pretty Hurts” by Beyoncé.

Although the operation of the talent show was different due to COVID-19, the intellectual ability of all the contestants had made the talent show experience as spectacular as previous years.

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