Kirsten Campbell, guest curator for the 10th Annual Homecoming Art Homecoming Art Exhibition: SU Visual Arts Alumni IV, is the second place winner in last Spring’s student exhibit. Campbell describes her winning piece, “Rage”, as a 11x14, acrylic on pastel paper, featuring darker colors such as blue, black, and red.

A Baton Rouge native, Campbell is one who can say she has attended all three major institutions in the area. This year’s art exhibit guest received her Associate degree with Baton Rouge Community College (BRCC), followed by her Bachelors Degree at Southern, and is now working on her Masters in Art History through Louisiana State University (LSU).

Kirsten began drawing as a child, then venturing into photography, and writing short stories, eventually trying painting. A self-described abstract artist, among her influences are Norman Lewis, Sam Gilliam and Romare Bearden.

Sharing that she has always loved museums, Kirsten states, “I was in a class at BRCC, and a lot of the paintings there are by European artists, that kind of bothered me…” Notioning how much inclusion means to her, she also stated, “Community is something that is very important to me, which is why I want to be a curator and help local museums in regards to inclusion and preservation.”

As far as non-traditional art, Campbell admires graffiti, pottery, and fluid painting. As painting is organic and intuitive for the award winning artist, she emphasizes how important it is, “being in a supportive environment with people who want to see you succeed.”

Explaining herself as a creative, honest, and intelligent introvert, Campbell wants to encourage young artists, “Sometimes people tend to think they are not valuable because other people don’t value them, that’s not always the case.”

The exhibit will be open September 25th through October 11th in Hayden Hall. Kirsten’s work can also be viewed at

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