Health Is Wealth: Local Advocate Educates Students on Dietary Wellness

On February 10, 2021, Nutrition and Public Health advocate of The Maxine Firm, Ellen C. McKnight, MPA hosted an event, “Healthy Heart, Healthy Mind, and Healthy Life” here at Southern University. During this event, McKnight shared methods of maintaining good health and practicing a healthy diet to attendees, including students. Jourdan Hilaire, the Coordinator of Orientation, University College Office, gave a bit of insight on the content taught in the seminar. He stated, “The program was amazing! Ms. McKnight and her team facilitated an in-depth conversation about creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally through proper nutrition. Towards the end of the program she made and offered us a healthy food option that many of us enjoyed. I can’t wait until we can bring them back again!”

A crowd of 20 students and staff were in attendance, many of which spoke positively of McKnight’s program. “I believe this program definitely benefited all of the people who attended. Mental and physical health is very important, and should be taken seriously. I want to thank Ms. McKnight,” said Victoria Rencher, a freshman Mechanical Engineering major. Tiyan Southall, a freshman Engineering major expressed his own appreciation for the event, “I think that it is great that Ms. McKnight came to SU and spoke to the school about health. It is something that we all need to learn about and take seriously.” Willie Picou, a freshman computer Science major, said that he appreciates the healthy lifestyle and healthy eating advice, stating that he will definitely keep those tips in mine when it comes to choosing a diet.

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