Balancing the Hustle: What it takes to be a Student  Entreprenuer


As we know, Southern produces some of the best and most well-rounded students who own businesses, work, and still make school a priority. Kenneth Martin Jr., a sophomore computer science major, details his experience as a college student and business owner juggling a work/social life and still maintaining his academic courses.

Kenneth Martin Jr., also known as KJ, speaks on the concept behind his brand, flock2flock and how it came about. KJ’s relationship with God and music played a major role in the vision behind the brand. Whenever KJ would second guess himself and needed confirmation, in the midst of prayer a flock of birds would appear and give him reassurance. KJ made a song called “2untamed” that describes what his life was during that time and from there 2untamed and flock2flock became a reality. KJ describes his business relationship with his team and how they balance fulfilling orders during the semester. “Working with my team and communicating, making sure that we all know what we are supposed to be doing. Tasks are being fulfilled around the clock.” KJ is very passionate about his business and it shows in his delivery. “As backward as it may sound, I put my business before school so that way I can get everything I like to do first and later I have more time to focus on my studies.” Being a college student is not easy mentally or emotionally and it can become easy to get distracted and off your game but KJ expresses how being a business owner has accentuated his leadership, communication, and money management skills. “My leadership skills really kicked in and made me become more mature especially when it comes to communicating with different races of people.” Money management was something he emphasized and becoming a business owner helped him not only manage his personal funds and be cautious with his money but helped him realize that the business won’t grow if you are not growing as a person. During this time, KJ and his team are reflecting on what they have accomplished and each person’s personal development, future plans for the clothing line are not clear but CEO, Kenneth Martin Jr. hopes to add more “legs” to the flock and expand the brand.

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