Pageant’s are a pretty big deal on Southern University’s campus. On Wednesday, September 8th however, four freshmen ladies showcased their beauty, talents, and school spirit on stage in the Miss Freshman Pageant.

The Miss Freshman Pageant is a fall semester event that allows students to meet and get to know the contestants running for Miss Freshman. Comprised of some of the biggest voices in their class, this years pageant showcased the different skills, interests, and hobbies of the women of SU25.

As students gathered in the Event Center to watch the contestants, there was a DJ playing music ensuring that the crowd was entertained and up on their feet. Despite us still being in a pandemic, SGA made sure that the pageant was in person and enjoyable for the crowd, giving us a taste of what Southern University used to be like pre Covid.

After speaking with one of the contestants Faith Woods, she rated her overall experience a 10, noting the opening intro to be her favorite portion of the pageant.

A sophomore student by the name of Jourdynn Redd, said that her favorite portion of the pageant was watching Contestant #1 Madison Davis’ talent. “Her talent was eye-catching and entertaining. She’s a great performer.”

All contestants are made to show off different talents that are meant to set them apart from other contestants, and according to the students in attendance, these skills were the highlight of the night.

Heaven Britton was another sophomore student in attendance who was there to support her Jaguar Ambassador organization member, Faith Woods. “The energy from the crowd was great and Faith looked beautiful on stage.”

While this may be the first pageant of the year, attendees left the event looking forward to the next pageant to take place on Southern University’s campus. This has definitely set the bar high for future pageants that will be held this year!

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