Traditional art is a part of the culture of a group of people with skills and knowledge of which are passed down through generations from master craftsmen to apprentices. For many generations, people have been astonished by traditional artwork in many places such as the museum and art galleries.

However, this modern generation does not seem to care about traditional art. I believe this generation doesn’t care about traditional art because simply put, this generation does not care about the past artworks and the cultures associated with them as much as their social media feed would indicate.

Instead, they are focused on what types of art are considered trendy in the present and future, or it could be that this generation is focused on how they can create their own art and have publicity with it.

For example, when this modern generation creates their own art, It involves their own photographs, videos, music, memes, and/or Web pages. They create this stuff so that they would be popular for the modern, trendy audience that watches them.

They also like to be their own curators of art by making playlists and Instagram feeds and seek out recommendations of new art experiences from their friends. Furthermore, this generation acts as distributors of art and routinely passes on to others what they have created and curated.

All of this goes back to the fact that their goal is just to have a lot of publicity for attention to their work as well as for just what’s trendy. Another reason why this modern generation may not care about traditional artwork is that they want an active way of creating their own art instead of a passive way.

Think about it like this, they would rather make their own art instead of visiting a museum and looking at past artwork that was created for seeing. Instead of seeing someone else expressing themselves through art, they would rather express their own and within the culture that is now modern times.

I believe through this generation wanting to express their own ideas of art shows that they care about modern art rather than traditional art. In the midst of this however, it’s important for creators of this new generation of art to at least give their predecessors a chance; after all, who knows what one will be inspired by as the evolve as creatives.

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