Every now and then, a girl needs a good girls trip to put things back into balance. They deserve it. Sometimes, you just need to be around other women with goals that align with your own. This years AWS Week was just that for many women here at Southern Univeristy.

The Association for Women Students took off for a weeklong girl’s trip. For the first stop the women of AWS present their Brunch on Bourbon. The brunch was held on Monday, November 1 in the Cotillion Ballroom. The event was full of women ready to start their girl’s trip experience and began with a warm southern welcome from AWS President, Latavia Roberts and her cabinet.

Jade Stewart, a Junior finance major said, “I loved and enjoyed it. It was a very classy scene that helped women understand their mental health and look out for one another. College can be hard so events like that can help women on campus strive for excellence and boost their confidence. The brunch taught me that the girls are not alone, and everyone struggles.”

The main purpose of the event was to show girls how to balance their social lives along with school and other things going on. The event began with an ice breaker to get everyone acquainted with each other, and with this ice breaker, the young ladies were given a chance to walk for airpods. This gave them a chance to show off their outfits and give their best model walk. While it was a fun way to get everybody engaged, it was also a confidence booster for everyone in the room.

Once everyone was settled with their food, Ms. Latavia gave a speech on balance. The conversation began with LaTavia asking everyone to write down their biggest challenges they face and how they deal with them. As everyone shared their answers, a common answer of “time management” was mentioned around the room. The young ladies were told to remember “doing it all and balancing it all are two different things.”

The importance of mental health was also a topic strongly discussed at the brunch. The question was asked, “How can we help others when our life is out of whack?” Imbalance in your life can create problems you’ve never dreamt of in your life. It is good to eliminate things that don’t add up along with prioritizing what comes first in your life. As noted by Roberts during her speech, some things just aren’t meant for you. Latavia ended her speech and the night with a toast to all young ladies in attendance, “To being able to handle business!”

Overall, the young ladies in attendance were given a chance to let loose and truly enjoy each other's company while learning how they each deal with everyday struggles.

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