The End All Take All: 2022 Battle of the Bands and Greek Show

Senior Dancing Doll Captain Arielle Brooks enjoys her final dance to 'Do Watcha Wanna' with the Human Jukebox in the 2022 Bayou Classic Battle of the Bands. (Terren Thomas;Southern Digest)

If “we had a time last night” was an event, it would definitely be the 2022 Greek Show and Battle of the Bands. The chanting, the bright lights, the beat of the drum, the soulful sounds of the band, the sparkle from the Dancing Dolls all returned on this Friday night. On Friday, November 25, 2022, the 49th annual Battle of the Bands and Greek Show took place and of course, Southern University brought home the win.

The Bayou Classic is undoubtedly one of the biggest gatherings for our people. Each year the Classic attracts more than 50,000 people to the city of New Orleans. However, the game itself is not the only significant event. When it comes to the Bayou Classic, it is not just about football. People are battling it out from all angles. From the football teams all the way down to the fans. The highly anticipated Battle of the Bands and Greek Show also attracts large crowds, selling out almost every year.

Every year the D9 Fraternities and Sororities alongside Southern University’s “Human Jukebox” and “The World Famed” Grambling State University Marching Bands come together for a friendly yet intense battle. This event is a celebration to bring in the Bayou Classic setting the atmosphere for the weekend.

After last year's Greek Show, both Southern and Grambling’s D9 Fraternities and Sororities knew they needed to bring their A-game. Everyone competing in the show is required to come up with their own unique theme. This is the first thing that catches the audience's attention.

Although there was some stiff competition, the Alpha Tau chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., remained the champions bringing the grand prize back home. For the fraternities, Grambling’s Delta Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. brought the win back to North Louisiana.

Immediately following the step show was the moment everyone had been waiting for. Ceasar’s Superdome was instantly filled with loud applause and screams awaiting the entrance of the bands. Once the bands marched out, the show was ready to begin. Fans of all ages were able to enjoy their favorite hits from now and even some throwback jams.

This year's Bayou Classic was another success story. The crowd had a chance to witness the two legendary bands compete head to head through the soulful sounds of their instruments. In the end, the Human Jukebox became too much for the World Famed. It’s all within the sound. As the Jukebox would say, the difference is clear.

The evening was full of excitement and cheer from both schools. Win, lose, or draw, everyone walked away with a smile on their face ready for the next events to follow. The soulful sound of the marching bands stepping into formation and the loud, passionate chants and calls from the honorable, prestigious and most distinguished Divine Nine. These are the things that define the Bayou Classic. Sophomore, N’oreal Townsend said, “This is only my second bayou classic and each year it gets better and better, I can’t wait for next year.”

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