UC hosts Real Talk Tuesday

Morgan Pete, Ceo and Founder of Acadiana Fasion Weel is being presented with a tocket of apprectionation by FYE member.

This past week, the University College held an event titled “Real Talk Tuesday” that saw a speaker provide authentic perspectives relevant to the realities that college students currently deal with or will deal with in the future. Morgan Pete, an author and founder of Acadiana Fashion Week, participated in this event as the primary guest speaker.

Real Talk Tuesdays are events that serve as informationals to the student body in a venue that encourages interaction and conversation. This particular event is annual and features guest speakers to share their own points of view with the students.

As a guest speaker, Pete opened up to the students and shared her life experiences and how she handled them. “Sometimes I handled them in a good way and sometimes in a bad way. But the good thing about mistakes is that you can look at them as lessons and learn from them,” began Ms. Pete.

Pete engaged with the crowd by giving away three copies of her latest book, helping students to create vision boards, and even offering internships and jobs working with her brand Acadiana Fashion Week.

Jekeria Jefferson, a sophomore here at Southern stated that the event was “A really enjoyable experience that inspires students to open yourself up, discover more about yourself, and meet new people.” Morgan wants students to encourage students to continue to go after their dreams and goals regardless of the obstacles that they face.

Real Talk Tuesdays at Southern University are meant to be venues where relevant information and perspectives can be shared with the student body, and this past week's edition of the event did just that for its attendees.

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