Sincerely, Kentrell: Youngboy Album Review

I was asked what my opinion was on the latest NBA Youngboy album, “Sincerely, Kentrell”, and while I must begin by saying that I've been awaiting this project's arrival for a minute, it wasn’t exactly what I expected.

While I do love the album, I did expect more aggressiveness that is usually present on NBA projects. Despite this change of pace, I couldn’t say that the project was disappointing either.

Half of the songs were leaked, so this wasn’t the first time that I’ve heard many of them. Even so, I personally enjoyed hearing them all in sequence with the official production.

The songs that get me in a hype mood are “Smoke Strong“ ”50 Shots“ and ”All I Need”. On both of these songs, it’s apparent how he still includes a narrative element in his songs. More often than not, there’s a story or meaning behind each song on a Youngboy project.

“All I Need” is another standout track from the album; with it providing numerous gems on its own. On this song, Gaulden says: “But I’m just trying to manifest I’m trying to find some peace”, a sentiment that much of his listenership could empathize with.

My least favorite track on this project is ”My Killa”. It has nothing to do with the lyrics, even the song is well constructed from a sonic standpoint. Ultimately, it’s the tempo of this song that makes me put the song to the bottom of the list.

One thing I do cherish about Kentrell is he isn’t ashamed, afraid, or hesitant to show everyone that he also has flaws. On the song “Hold Me Down”, Kentrell raps, “Intelligent but make the poorest decisions”. He’s basically saying that he has skill, but when it‘s time to make his decisions, they may not be perfect or good for him. Some people hide their flaws or just don‘t accept them, but NBA puts them out for the world to see.

“I’m standing strong, don't worry about me. The things that you did I’ll never forget. If you keep it real you can get the world out of me we can share it all, to me it don’t mean s***,” rapped Gaulden on “Hold Me Down”.

My whole overall rating on the album ”Sincerely, Kentrell“ is a 9.5. I know I’m not the only individual that thinks every album Kentrell drops will always be a classic, but as of now, he’s still undisputed. Am I right?

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