The Winner Circle:  Mr. Crimson & Cream Pageant

Junior, Gerald Broussard III from New Iberia being crowned 2022 Mr. Crimson &Cream by former Mr.Crimson & Cream Jalon Jones at the event center on April 20. (Sydney Fairbanks/DIGEST)

It’s May week on the Bluff and the lineup was fire. This year’s May week was one to be remembered. One of the more niche pageants of the annual lineup, the Crimson and Crème passion is known for displays of beautiful colors and unique contestants from the Greek sorority Delta Sigma Theta. True to the color scheme, this year’s pageant saw a fiery ensemble of themes and contestants.

The 2022 Mr. Crimson & Creme Pageant was held on April 21, 2022, by the ladies of the Alpha Tau chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. The pageants’ theme was firefighters. The hosts for the pageant were Vice President Kelley Watts and the former Mr. Crimson & Creme Jalon Jones. They began the pageant by introducing the 5 judges. The judges were Mr. Deandre Dearinge, Dr. Katara Williams, Ms. Yasmine Whitehurst, Alan Sharlow, and Ms. Marcey McCracklin.

The pageant then went into introducing the 6th Mr. Crimson & Cream Pageant Contestants. Contestant #1 is Alton Holloway Jr. Contestant #2 is Christopher Hunter. Contestant #3 is Clifford Ghoates. Contestant #4 is Gerald Broussard lll. Contestant #5 is jared White. Contestant #6 is Stephen Sims Jr. Contestant #1 was not able to participate in the pageant because of a car accident, but he was there to support his fellow contestants.

Each contestant participated in the categories: swimwear, streetwear, talent, and formal. The streetwear category consisted of each contestant coming out in their best swim looks. In the streetwear category each contestant show cased their best everyday look. During the talent portion, contestants showcased dancing, playing the piano, and poetry. While speaking with Teyanah Owens, a member of the Greek sorority, she says, “I think the pageant was a success and very entertaining. The process of putting the pageant together wasn’t easy, but we’re always up for a challenge.”

During intermission of the show, there was a performance of women eating fire which the crowd loved. There were older and current Delta Sigma Theta member strolling. Also, during the show there was a Delta Corner Store which sold crawfish nachos and refreshments.

Finally at the end, during the formal portion of the show, each contestant was asked questions by the judges and then after a short period of time. Contestant #4 Gerald Broussard lll was named Mr. Crimson and Creme 2022. After the show while speaking with Amaryia Jackson she said, “The Crimson & Cream pageant turned out amazing. All the contestants did a wonderful job. The audience had a great time, and everyone enjoyed the performances during intermission. Rate 10/10 “

While this year’s pageant was definitely a unique experience for all involved, many of the contestants are eager to get back on the pageant train once again with next year not coming fast enough.

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