The Icy Queen:  Miss Southern,  Jaden D. Johnson


Last spring, Southern University students elected the 91st Miss Southern University, the ‘Icy Queen’ herself, Miss Jaden D. Johnson, to represent the university through the 2021-21 school year. A senior Criminal Justice major from Lutcher, Louisiana, Jaden is a member of NAACP, The Collegiate 100 Women of Southern University, Criminal Justice Club, Royal Court, and the Beta Psi chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated.

“I was shocked. I can still remember the feeling. Little ole’ me, I really did this,” said Johnson, recalling her initial emotions to winning the position last spring. She went on to say how amazed she was at the students and how they saw something in her to vote for her to fulfill this esteemed position.

Although winning was an exhilarating experience, having the opportunity to serve the student body is one that Jaden wouldn’t let pass her by this Fall. Being a campus queen isn’t just about being a face, and Jaden is very vocal and adamant about the practical role that she can play in bettering the university as a whole during the time as Miss Southern.

As Miss Southern, Jaden wants to ensure that campus involvement is increased, as well as show students a different outlook on the definition of a campus queen. “I’m a student just like everyone else. I have so much more to offer,” said Johnson. According to Jaden, she wants to be there for the student body and the things that they want. Her ending goal is to bridge the gap between Southern University students and administrators.

As the 91st Miss Southern, Jaden D. Johnson wants to be remembered as a humble queen and a trailblazer. “I plan on doing things that you might not see an average queen do as far as activities and campus involvement and giving a new look on what campus queens are.” The Icy Queen wants the women of Southern University to “Remain humble and be yourself while standing out in positive lighting.”

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