Drake/ 21 Savage: DIGEST Album Review

From being a Certified Lover Boy, to Honestly, Nevermind, and now, Her Loss, is it really though? It sounds like Drake has been feeling that way for a while now. It just sounds too personal for me. In “Rich Flex” Drake states, “You need to find someone else to call when your bank account gets low,’’ and he also stated, “I layup with her for a couple of days then it’s BRB.” This is not the Drake we are all used to.

Also, is it just me but in “Major Distribution” does it sound like he took a little twist of Nardo Wick’s vibe? I’m not stating he stole it completely. Perhaps, he just tweaked it to his own liking.

On “Bs” Drake stated, “Yall be going in and out of recessions the same way I be going in and out of Texas”. The people want to know who this female you are always going in and out of Texas to see. Meanwhile 21 Savage dealing with women who’s ex men acted like divas. This album is just giving too much unnecessary drama.

In “BackOutsideBoyz” the first thing Drake said was that he’s ready to die. Immediately I was confused. The song has a nice beat to it, but the things Drake is saying are absurd.

Now, truthfully. “Spin Bout You” is worth the listen. 21 Savage explains he has feelings for a woman but hopes she is not loving the crew. This is giving me mixed emotions. Do you trust her or not? Also Drake stating men making laws about what women can do is really important because why are MEN making laws about what WOMEN can do? The song has a vibe, it’s catchy.

Now, everybody wants to know is Drake talking about Megan Thee Stallion in “Circo Loco”. I personally don’t think he’s talking about her. He stated, “Lie ‘bout gettin’ shots, but she still a stallion.” Just think about it. Any female with enlarged glutes calls themselves a stallion, so in actuality, he can really be referring to a female who lied about getting glute shots. However, the joke was unnecessary. We all know how sensitive Megan feels about the whole situation. She responded back at Drake saying “Stop using my shooting for clout, since when is it cool to joke about women getting shot!? Ready to boycott bout shoes and clothes but dog pile on a black woman when she say one of yall homeboys abused her.’’ Then she continues to say how rap men are lame. Truthfully speaking, the message wasn’t for her, but at the same time Drake had no business speaking about a black woman’s trauma and using it as a joke. Also, I feel like this new Drake is getting a bit too cocky. He also stated in the song “Linking with the opp, I did that for J Prince.” Now is the time to be clear on the subliminals. We just lost TakeOff, and he was around them. Therefore, if you are talking about Kanye state that.

I can honestly say 21 Savage did his thing on “3am on Glenwood”. He exaggerates his pain losing Skiney. He states, “I can kill the whole world and I still won’t be even.” I just feel like that’s a different type of hurt. The song is heartfelt and you can truly feel his pain.

Overall, I give the album a 6 out of 10. Any song I didn’t address wasn’t worth addressing. The time put into this album was pure dedication but the beats are better than the actual lyrics. If I had to pick the albums top 3 songs it would be Rich Flex, Spin Bout You, and Major Distribution.

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