Beauties and Brains: AWS host Trap-N-Beat

The Association for Women Students President Lataiva Roberts (Right) just finshed Trap and Beat with her asstant Mykayla Jackson (Left) (Isaac Armstrong/SouthernDigest)

On Thursday, September 17th, 2021, the Association for Women Students (AWS) hosted “Trap N Beat,” a make-up class paired with rhythmic music and positive vibes. The class was held to instruct students about a simple make-up routine that could be used for any occasion. “When you look good, you feel good. This was a way to bring students together to feel good about themselves,” junior Tayla Ferrer, Director of Public Relations for AWS expressed. To start the event, President of AWS, and the night’s makeup instructor, La Tavia Roberts, introduced the members of the cabinet and their roles.

Students were greeted at the door by business manager, Briana Hall, and Chief of Staff, Afiya Richardson, and given goodie bags which created a welcoming atmosphere. Participants were given a list of items to bring which included primer, eyeshadow palettes, eyebrow pencils, concealer, foundation, a beauty sponge, eyeliner, mascara, lashes, setting powder, and setting spray. The items were not required but suggested to enjoy the full experience. The first step to enhancing their beauty was priming their face. Roberts suggested several types of primer for your type of skin. She suggested milk of magnesia for oily skin and moisturizing primer for dry skin. Students were free to ask questions in person or on the livestream, where they had a front row seat of the instructor's model and Finance Director, Mykayla Jackson.

Next, viewers and students got a chance to see the techniques used for shaping their eyebrows. They were able to learn make-up terms such as dip brow and spoolie. Kerdejha Newton, sophomore, emphasized, “The best part of the event was learning different products because I don’t know too much about makeup.” Not only did students learn about makeup but they were also encouraged to become active in the organization.

Members of the cabinets, Natchez Stanton and NaKhi Alexander, walked around answering questions about makeup and informing students about open positions in the organization. Students can submit applications to be an intern, mentor, mentee, or volunteer by visiting the AWS Instagram (@subr_aws) and click the link in the bio.

While there were many students who were beginners, there were also students who wanted to enhance their skills. Sophomore Kimberly Short said, “I wanted to learn more about contour and better my makeup skills.” With a mix of novices and beginners, there was no one left behind in the class. Some students were quick to lend a hand to their fellow classmates.

With booming music and beat faces, students got a chance to see what the Association of Women Students had in store for future events. As the make-up tutorial came to a finish, students captured their glowing faces by taking selfies and then a group photo displaying the beauties and brains that resided in the classroom.

“My biggest takeaway from the class was that make-up is not very difficult to do and the less effort you put into it, the better the outcome,” admitted sophomore Carrington Green. The event, which Afiya Richardson said made students feel beautiful, concluded with glamorous faces and bright smiles.

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