SU Gospel Choir sings at 7Th Annual  Black Caucus Prayer Breakfast

SUGC Director, Earnest Bowman, Jr. speaks a few words before Praise & Worship (Kiyanna Givens/DIGEST)

The opportunity to perform at the 7th Annual Black Caucus Prayer Breakfast, presented by the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus Foundation Inc., knocked on Southern University Gospel Choir’s door. Southern University Gospel Choir took the offer and was privileged to sing at the event on April 23 at the Marriott Hotel in Baton Rouge.

The program began with an opening song performed by Gospel Artist, Terrance Williams from Alexandria, La. Guests stood, clapped and sang along to the musical selection.

Mistress of Ceremony, State Representative, Denise Marcelle rose to the podium and gave thanks to the sponsors of the event. Marcelle expresses the importance of the help given by saying “Faith without works is dead.”

Afterwards, the choirs were introduced. Grambling State Choir sang first. During this time, breakfast was served. The breakfast included plates of grits, eggs, bacon, hash browns and sausage with a side of water or orange juice.

Governor John Bel Edwards spoke after Southern University Gospel choir sang. He was introduced by the Master of Ceremony, State Representative Randal L. Gains, LLBC Chairman. Governor Edwards spoke words of togetherness.

“We are all here in the spirit of unity.” He acknowledged that the directors of Southern University and Grambling State, stood and clapped to the other college’s songs of worship.

Edwards asked the attendees to focus on two words which were “Our father,” as he proceeded to speak about all people being equal in the eyes of God.

“We’re all brothers and sisters in Christ.”

He also encouraged everyone who attended to continue to keep moving Louisiana forward and in the right direction.

State Senator, Regina Ashford Barrows, of senate District 13, introduced Lieutenant Governor, Billy Nungesser. Nungesser was inspired to run for lieutenant governor after his experience with Hurricane Katrina. He was urged to step in and run for the position after seeing that the government was not taking immediate action to help those in need after the hurricane. He was gratefully accepted and has worked ever since.

Southern University Gospel Choir Director, Ernest Bowman, elaborated on this experience and how it came into play.

“A call was made to the office of the President/Chancellor requesting us [SUGC]. It was a very great experience to be in the presence of top law makers of the state praising God.”

A senior social work major and member of the Southern University Gospel Choir from Baton Rouge, Dejion Hughes said, “The Legislative Black Caucus Prayer Breakfast was phenomenal… the room was filled with men and women of God all gathered on one accord for one purpose.”

Hughes also expressed how important this event and opportunity was for him.

“The opportunity within itself was the biggest honor, this allowed both choirs to gain recognition and pushes them into the mainstream of the ‘Who’s who’ of their college campuses.”

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