On Friday, October 22 both Southern University Alumni and current students hit Mayberry lawn for the illustrious annual Homecoming Pep Rally. Decked out and drenched in blue and gold, the generations of Jaguars banded together to celebrate this wonderful school.

To kick off the celebration, the SU cheer squad performed a fantastic routine, filled with stunts, tricks, flips, and the whole 9-yards. Accompanying the cheerleaders were the Gold & Bluez dance team, who also performed a spotless, energetic routine.

Capping off the performances was the world-renowned Human Jukebox and the Fabulous Dancing Dolls. Fans took pleasure in jamming along to crowd favorites such as “Do Watcha Wanna,” and “Neck.”

In addition to the performances, the SGA Royal Court, and The Divine Nine were also in attendance.

The members of the Royal Court took pride in greeting and introducing themselves to both their fellow and returning Jaguars whilst the Greeks of the past and present alike took to the lawn to strut, step, and stroll with all their might. The good times didn’t end there as family and friends gathered to do the SU Shuffle in unison with one another, truly embodying what homecoming means at Southern University.

With good tunes, good food, and even better hospitality, the alumni welcomed the incoming class of jags with open arms and made sure to make them feel right at home.

Dr. Rhonda Young, alumna, administrator, and member of Sigma Gamma Rho’s undergrad chapter, states, “I feel that it’s important for alumni to come back for events such as this one because we can actually show that the same type of fun that you’re having, we had that same type of fun. We’re gonna let you know we can still keep up! Also, it’s important to answer any of the questions that some of the younger students may have. Talking to alum can actually help guide them even in a mixer like this. You’d be surprised how many people ask you questions!”

In addition to alumni, students also partook in the excitement. “I would have to say my favorite part of the pep rally would have to be the Human Jukebox’s performance. They always turn everybody up!” exclaims Howard Kennison, Sophomore. Saige Pelechet, a Junior marketing major, was also feeling the school spirit. “It’s important for us as students to show up and show out for school. If we don’t do it, who else will?”

Overall, the glorious tradition of the Homecoming Pep Rally was and will continue to be a tremendous success for generations, and generations of Jaguars to come.

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