Student government also known as SGA has kicked off the year by promoting on campus precautions and safety, while balancing out daily events. Evacuating from campus, and converting courses to online took a huge toll on many students leaving them to wonder what on campus life had to look forward to beyond the pandemic. Kevin Taylor, a senior and current SGA president briefly discussed in an interview on Thursday August 19th, how he has prepared himself to handle covid issues, and on campus life for the semester.

“It's been a busy summer for me, but I've been in alot of meetings with faculty and staff along President Belton, and feel prepared. We have procedures put in place of course. Students who chose to live on campus had to submit a negative Covid test, and be fully vaccinated before moving in. I am also encouraging students to get tested periodically, while pushing more information about Covid to students.”

Kevin, along with other board members are continuously pushing for progression with the university although Covid is still in effect, by pushing towards bringing recycling bins to campus for sustainability, and creating different partnerships with the Ag Center. Stormy Tatney, A freshmen majoring in early childhood education says she knows SGA made the right choice when putting Kevin as president. “Of course I don't know much about him since I'm just coming to college, but after reviewing his social media and seeing how active he is and how much he cares, I know he will be a good fit.”

Kevin's interest in SGA began his freshman year. After not being elected the first time around, he never got discouraged to give up. Now he takes pride in his journey to becoming president, and shows gratitude to the people who've devoted their time ensuring he was prepared. Alice Watley, a junior and current nursing student says she knew Kevin would get everything he was working towards. “Since my freshman year he has been active and devoted towards the student body. Seeing him fulfill that position in the middle of a pandemic is heart-warming”

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