AWS presents Dress for Success

Attendees and presenters pose for a photo after the Dress for Success event hosted by the Association for Women Students (AWS) on Wednesday, September 14. (Laila Hazel/DIGEST)

Here at Southern University and A&M College, appearance matters. The coordinator of student leadership and engagement, Nala Anderson, told students at the Dress for Success event last week. The Junior Class Cabinet, Association for Women Students, and the Men’s Federation hosted a Dress for Success panel. The panel included three guest speakers, Darby Smith the director of community outreach and inclusion , Nala Anderson, and Tyrin Johnson, Louisiana State University Admissions Counselor.

Anderson started off the panel with a powerpoint of informative reasons why appearance matters. Anderson told students, “It’s a part of your identity.” She also stated, “Knowledge is power, and your appearance in the world plays a huge role. It tells the world who you are. It’s all about your presence, the way you deliver your character, such as body language. It’s important to make good impressions on those you encounter for the first time.”

Anderson continued, “Knowledge is Power,” is her way of saying that it is important to do research on your employer just as much as doing research on the hiring manager. She also told students that it’s about knowing who you will be working for. Other information she told included the importance to review common interview questions and prepare responses. Lastly, students were told to ask insightful questions and show employers engagement of the job opportunity.

Once Anderson’s informative presentation ended, the floor was open to questions, and responses were delivered by Smith and Johnson.

The first question asked was from Mario Sigur, “How do I balance out a perfect resume?” Smith replied, “Having multiple resumes for different job opportunities are great. Cover letters aren’t necessary, but I suggest them.”

Tristen Gorrell asked, “How do you plan a week in advanced for professionalism?”

Smith replied, “You don’t, it all depends on how you feel that morning, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.”

Kaleb West posed the question, “Do you feel it’s okay to show tattoos?” Smith replied, “It depends on the field. It’s also important you know your environment.”

As the panel came to a close, advice was given to students about the professional world. Both Johnson and Smith explained, “As adults, we don’t always have it figured out. It’s important to stay humble during the process and give yourself grace. Pray for your working environment just as bad as you pray for the job.”

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