There is no question that the conversation surrounding mental health, especially within the black community, has been continuous. In a powerful event titled “The Hidden Power Behind Our Voices” Association of Women Students and Mental Milestone Association teamed up to host a powerful table talk surrounding mental health. This night was filled with honest dialogue, heart touching moments, and raw stories.

The event discussed stress and mental health in ways that not only affects students but women and men as well. Throughout the event, motivational words and positive affirmations were given as they stood across from one another and spoke nothing but kindness towards the other. The event not only taught ways to cope with anxiety and depression, but strategies to work through them as well. Students were able to share their experiences with anxiety and depression as well as how it affected not only them but their family. It showed that mental health struggles never have to be burdened by one person.

“I think events like this are essential for the community when it comes to mental health. It gives those who attend a safe space to share their stories. I feel like we need to keep having these events to keep the conversation going and hopefully it will continue to impact those who attend,” said Kennedy Browne, a junior computer science major. `

In light of this month being suicide prevention month, this impactful event was perfectly timed. Students sat in a circle and spoke about how mental health often is overlooked, especially within schools and home lives. Personal journeys and testimonies were shared about how depression can be tough to handle, especially when there is a lot on one’s plate already. Through encouragement and positive affirmations, helpful strategies to destress and take a step back were given. Overall, it was very positive and enlightening to listen to everyone share their own views on how anxiety and depression affect them and the people around them. The event emphasized that no one is alone in this journey called life, especially not when it comes to one’s mental health.

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