Southern Daze Spring Fest 2021:   Kicking Back at the Comedy Show

Comedian Kountry Wayne showed up and showed out at The Springfest Comdey Show, April 21

(Tiffany Williams/DIGEST)

As part of Spring Fest tradition, on April 21st, students gathered in the F.G. Clark Activity Center - or Mini Dome - for the annual Comedy Show. With numerous precautions such as social distancing measures as well as masks being required for attendance, this event served as part of the week of celebration here at Southern University.

The event was headlined by surprise guest Kountry Wayne, as well as comedians such as “Blaq Ron” and Ronnie Jordan. The audience was thoroughly involved in the show, with numerous skits and competitions going on during the sets.

Alana Bush, a Mass Communications major from Lakeland, Florida, raved about her satisfaction with the comedy show: “I felt great overall about the event, It was enjoyable for me as a freshman to even get to experience a comedy show while we’re all in the middle of a pandemic. It was great to get together and have fun while social distancing. I appreciate SGA for doing that for us.”

Prior to the comedy show, the Student Choice Awards were held, allowing students to celebrate their classmates in an entertaining way. “First there were the Student Choice Awards,” explained SGA President Chandler Vidrine. “We just wanted to ensure that everyone who needed their flowers got them, that’s something we truly want to continue here at Southern University. We want to be sure that we’re recognizing those students and groups who are doing an awesome job.”

Vidrine also expressed the effect he hopes the comedy show had on students, “It’s here to give students a little entertainment and laughter for the week, especially since we’re aware that students are preparing for finals. And of course with the ongoing pandemic, we’ve been going through so much, so this gives them something to look forward to.” The crowds waves of laughter seems prove the event served its purpose.

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