Candyman 2021 Review

The next generation of black horror films continue with the latest installation/reimaging of the classic, black horror story, Candyman. The story follows an uber legend turned true in the south-side of Chicago. First airing in 1992, the 2021 version of Candyman follows the same story. with many of the original actors reprising their roles, and picks up about twenty years after the original.

As a person who hadn’t seen the original, going into the new Candyman, I didn’t have any expectations. I knew what the movie was about and the general premise, but that was it. After watching the new one, I watched the original version, and I can say that I really like the new Candyman. Rather than doing a remake like I had thought, Candyman (2021) is more of a continuation of the story. The setting is relatively the same and that’s to the stories advantage

Not only were they true to the original story and actors, but the movie itself was good. If you liked the vibe of the original, more thriller, psychological horror rather than slasher, then this will be less your speed but still enjoyable. The 2021 version goes in with more of the slasher elements, forgoing the slow build up that was seen in the original.

“It was alright. I really liked the first Candyman because it was creepier,” said graduating Senior and Psychology major, Avery Waddell, after seeing Candyman (2021). I would definitely agree with his assessment, the original Candyman was creepier. The tone that it established along with how it made the main character seem crazy was disturbing at times.

I would say though, that the new version has little to none of the bee stuff which can be off putting to some. Personally, I really liked how they used the bees in the original and wished that they leaned more into it, bees are a unique aspect of the main antagonist and it makes the movie more memorable. “I ain’t like that bee shit,” said Physics major, Karriem Upshaw.

As a general horror enthusiast, I’ve loved the recent resurgence in horror that’s been inspired by Jordan Peele. Black horror didn’t exist really up until recently and the movies be good. Quality horror is hard to come by so, overall, I’d give Candyman (2021) a 7/10. It was good.

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