I thought I have seen everything in life but there is always something that proves me wrong. With the current issues going on I just have one question. WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON? What’s really going on with the people of today?

Everywhere you look, mass ignorance among people of different factions are creating an issue for those around them. For those who do not know what I am referring to, it is the hate against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Since the pandemic started, a lot of people have taken to placing the blame on Asians, as though they have bought into the former President Trump’s claim that people of Asian descent had purposefully created this virus. If you do the research, you find that the COVID virus has been around for years like the plague, the flu virus, and other diseases known and unknown.

From one stupid and racist belief, a bunch of ignorant people decided to take matters into their own hands. Across the country, there have been hundreds of attacks and harassment made on Asians. If you look at the news you will find in every state, there have been incidents targeted at Asians. Like in New York, an Asian woman was attacked on her way to church. In Georgia, there were gun attacks on salons that left eight people dead with six of them being of Asian descent. People, it is f****** 2021; why do we still have racism?!

There is no excuse as to why people can not accept another person regardless of their race. For a country that is said to be created by immigrants, it sure as hell seems to be against accepting anyone of a different race outside of Caucasian.

Answer this for me: what is so hard for some people to just give equal and fair treatment to those outside their race? For decades people of other races must fight just to have the same basic human rights as everyone else with marches like the Black Lives Matter movement and now the Stop the Asian Hate protests. These stereotypes, biases, and racial slurs needed to die like before anyone in my generation was born. We as people, as a nation, should not even have these racial stereotypes, biases, and slurs still around.

Take me, as an African American woman. I should not have to fear and wonder what is going to happen to me or my family every time I leave the house. When it comes to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, they should not have to be blamed for something that was not even in their control. Yes, we have the COVID pandemic. Yes, it sucks, but that does not give racists and ignorant individuals the right to go ahead and target them physically, emotionally, sexually, or mentally. Think of it this way: you do not want a random person to come up to someone you love and just attack them or call them certain names. So why would you do that to someone else? Where is the logic in that? Now before you go and say that I am saying everyone is racist, that is not the case.

What I am doing is simply point out the bull**** that me, and thousands of others are tired of seeing every day. This is why I am glad to see the peaceful protests. I am glad to see people who have been racially targeted speaking out and letting their voices be heard. It is 2021 and we need to do better. I guarantee many want a future where their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren do not have to experience this madness.

As people we have a choice, we can either live in chaos or peace. I would rather live in peace where there is no racism, harassment of any kind and every human being is treated as a human being. I want to live in a country where you do not have to fear when in public. So, what are we going to do in America? What are we going to do from this point to get to the peace?

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