Have yall ever been chilling on campus, a couple friends at the bluff or maybe at the pavilion across from the gym, with a speaker just enjoying each other’s company, and then the police roll up like yall doing something nefarious. Or think back, how often has the police come through to break up a congregation of students, even though nothing is going on?

Southern University police need to chill, as an on-campus resident for four years now, I’ve seen them break up innocent, out-door gatherings over and over again for seemingly no reason. They can’t do anything about the sexual harassment or assault on campus but they sure can give tickets and break up parties huh.

Like personally, I like SU-PD. I’ve never really had a problem with the cops here on campus, but they’ve always been overbearing for no reason like we’re some children. It shouldn’t be an issue for a large number of students to congregate somewhere but they make it seem like it is.

Southern University has a lack of amenities, quality housing, and general fun for on-campus residents; they only recently reinstalled the outdoor basketball goals after they took them down last semester. Its only natural for students to want to make their own fun when there are so few options on and around Southern, so it really bothers me that we are prevented from making our fun.

For example, a month ago when the box challenge was popular, students on-campus got together and started doing it. Large crowd, innocent fun, and, like clockwork, the police broke it up prematurely.

Granted, with that particular instance someone could have gotten hurt, but, again, I am not a child and last I checked, no one else on-campus is either. If I want to get hurt performing the box challenge, then I should be able to. And I wouldn’t even have an issue if that was the only example, I could think of but its not. The police have a clear pattern of behavior and that really confuses me as Southern University is very safe campus. Shootings and general violence is very low despite what it might seem, so the police’s response is unwarranted, unneeded, and, most importantly, unwanted.

In short, the police need to chill out and focus on doing their jobs and stop finding ways to ruin people’s fun. They being party poopers and the fun police for no reason and I would like to formally request them to stop, on behalf of the students.

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