In the face of everything else that we’ve all collectively had to deal with over the last year, many people, including myself, weren’t hopeful about the likelihood of Southern University having an in-person lineup of events this year. To say that we were mistaken would be an understatement.

Consisting of a wide assortment of events and activities, this year's Spring Fest served as the reemergence of not only the university, but the city of Baton Rouge amidst what some would consider to be the aftermath of COVID-19. While I wouldn’t go that far, it’s clear that we’ve come a long way safety wise as a state in order for events such as the ones that took place last week to occur.

That being said, all events aren’t created equal, and in my opinion, one took the cake out of all the others. The event that I’m referring to took place on Thursday of Springfest, but it wasn’t necessarily the hot air balloons.

For me, the Silent Party was probably the best event of the night. It features a certain amount of social activity that it feels like we’ve been deprived of over the last year. In many instances, I’ve even seen people scared to even be in close proximity to one another due to fears about COVID. So for us to be able to be in a group setting and socialize with our peers like the world of old, it was almost surreal.

To boom, the music aspect of the Silent Party cannot be underrated either. The silent aspect of the Silent Party is due to how music is played, which is through colored headphones that were provided with tickets. Depending on the color headphone that you had, different music would be playing and you’d be somewhat forced to interact with the people hearing the same music as you.

As someone nearing the end of his journey on the Bluff, being able to experience the moments that instances like these bring is unparalleled because the last year had shown us that these things aren’t promised. The same could be said regarding any of the events that took place over the week of Springfest.

So while all of the events during the week were interesting and fun in their own ways, the Silent Party was personally the experience that was most enjoyable. It included music, socializing, and good energy that we haven’t had the opportunity to indulge in for too long.

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