It’s that time of the year again Jags. It’s the most wonderful, event-filled, and expensive time of the year! The season everyone has been awaiting: refund season! And what are students planning to blow their money on this year? Will it be the latest fitted hats or the latest iPhone? Will it be the hottest fashion or the cleanest shoes?

On average, college students receive at least five-hundred dollars in a refund check. A refund check is usually left over money given back to the student from the institution. Once all fees are covered. Majority of students splurge within a few weeks, leaving them with a couple of dollars in pocket change before the end of the semester. Here are three tips you can use to spend smarter, and not harder this season during big events such as Homecoming Week, “Spooky Season,” and and all the way into the winter holidays.

Generally speaking, investing is a smart way to spend your money, not only because it builds interest, but also so you can have whatever you need whenever you need it! However, stocks are not the only way to invest.

An alternate choice is to invest in yourself. Instead of buying the latest clothes, get materials, take classes, and learn to make the latest clothes! Instead of purchasing from these designer brands, introduce your own designer brand to the markets.

An additional way of investing in oneself is to purchase things that will push you to perfect your craft and turn it into a profession. For example, if you're into photography, get yourself a beginner camera. If you’re into music, invest in an instrument or proper studio equipment. Using these methods you are spending smarter by only investing in things that will indefinitely invest back into you.

Next option is to be patient and wait for a sale from your favorite store. By waiting you are spending smarter, by spending less. There are numerous choices to select from on the clearance sections of your favorite department stores, thrift stores, and discount variety stores. Online shopping is yet another budget friendly, or cheaper alternative when deciding to spend smarter by spending less.

The third and final option is to spend smarter by not spending at all. Simply put your money in a safe spot and fight the urge to splurge! With these three tips of spending smarter and not harder, you can save your refund money for when you might need it.

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